Your Brand Story Builds Know, Like & Trust

By Briohny Williams | Video

Oct 24

​Know. Like. Trust

How many times have you heard those words uttered since you started your entrepreneurial journey? You may have started saying them as well, to the point that they roll off your tongue like you’ve always been marketing your business online.

A word you may have also encountered is “storytelling”, and now you know how stories are so much more memorable, provide an opportunity to share your journey, express your personality and help you stand out online. 

And you’ve definitely been living under a digital rock if you haven’t heard the digital marketing gurus talk about the power of video. (Don’t worry, if you have been under that rock or just want to know more about the power of video, here are some stats that still blow my mind).

So, you know you need to be visible, you definitely want engagement, and perhaps you’ve even tried launching a product or service but haven’t quite nailed it yet. It’s time to share your story and your entrepreneurial journey in your Brand Story.

People want to buy from people, not faceless or big corporate brands. That means people really need to get to know you, in order to like you in a way that inspires trust. By building your credibility and a relationship, people are more likely to feel safe to buy from you.

Let’s go back to those 3 words again. 


Does your ideal audience even know you exist? Have you been speaking to people who think what you do is interesting, but not essential? 

I was recently discussing this with a client, who found himself feeling annoyed after explaining to a potential client that he had a wealth of marketing knowledge, though this isn’t the focus of his life coaching business. He was feeling misunderstood and undervalued and that the potential client had categorised him as “just another life coach”. After some discussion we realised he had forgotten to share his “back story” with his audience – the first step in telling your Brand Story – all they saw was what he was offering now, which is substantially more valuable with his marketing knowledge backing it up!

Do your audience really know you, and what problem you can solve? The value your product or service holds – whether it be time saved, mental clarity, improved health, massive wealth, or loads of fun or joy? 

''Our customers have questions burning inside them, and if we aren’t answering those questions, they’ll move on to another brand. If we haven’t identified what our customer wants, what problem we are helping them solve, and what life will look like after they engage our products and services, for example, we can forget about thriving in the marketplace.'' - Donald Miller, StoryBrand

Have you shared the story of how your company came to be, what drives you and the real values that are the foundation of everything you do?


Not everyone needs to like you. In fact, you want some people to know that they don’t like you all that much to make room in your calendar for those that do. 

“When you speak to everyone you speak to no-one.” - Meredith Hill

Showing up on video is as close to an in person meeting as you can get for those who are curious about how you can help them, and a brilliant opportunity to engage, delight and (pleasantly) surprise your potential customers and provide massive value to them, without a sales agenda. 

For the majority of people I meet for the first time each week on a video call or in person, one or both of us feel like we’ve met before if we’ve seen a live stream or video prior, and we already have some knowledge of the problem that we can each there to solve. 

We don’t spend all our time reciting our elevator pitch or trying to wow with achievements (which have their place and time, don’t get me wrong), we’re more focused on building relationships. 

Do I like how this person approaches the problem? 
Do we have anything in common? 
Do I feel like they’d do a good job?

That’s why we share what drives us – our “why” – and our values in our Brand Story, with the aim to answer these questions before they are asked.

Which brings us to the final word.


“The key to high-quality communication is trust, and it’s hard to trust someone you don’t know.” – Ben Horowitz

It’s a big leap to expect your customers to part with their hard earned cash, after being persuaded by a bunch of pixels they’ve seen on a screen once. The coldest of cold leads. 

The quality of your communication will improve the response you get, as speaking about your experiences and values comes from a deeper place than when you're talking about a framweork, statistic or the product or service you're offering. 

Trust takes take time and once you have shared your story you need to keep showing up consistently. Whether it’s a weekly blog, attending in-person networking events or using the queen of content – video! - the more your audience know and like you, the more likely you are to build trust and have the opportunity to open up sales conversations.


It’s time to tell your story.

If you haven't yet told your story and you’re an entrepreneur or coach that is already aware of the awesome power of video for marketing, sales and info-products and services, you’re invited to join the Camera Confidence Challenge! 

Over 14 days you’ll learn how to and will create 3 “business essential” videos for connecting with your audience online - Your Brand Story,  Massive Value Videos (tips, training and interviews), and Sales Videos to launch new products and services. You’ll receive personalized feedback on each of your videos, including your strengths and development areas, along with live coaching and Q&A sessions.

We start on the 29thOctober, 2019 and places are limited, due to in-depth feedback each person receives. For more details visit or email [email protected] to see if this is a good fit for you.

[…] Video is prioritised on all social media platforms and will continue to be. By appearing on your audiences’ feed it allows you to sell without selling and allows people to get to know you (actually repelling those that aren’t a good fit to work 1:1) and cuts the time down to build a connection built through like and trust – you can take a deeper dive into Know, Like & Trust here. […]

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