The success of your next presentation hinges on one thing.


A Virtual Rehearsal is a no-risk practice round before the real thing.


For a limited time I'm offering FREE rehearsals each week to help you get focused and clear before the spotlight is on! 

  • Rehearsals are available on various video conference platforms, let me know your favourite and i'll join you there. 
  • Select any time available in advance, keeping in mind that you may wish to have more than one rehearsal session. 
  • The rehearsal will start with you providing an overview of the event, the topic, the objective, presentation duration and any other goals or concerns you want to address.
  • Invite a stakeholder to observe or add comments, if this is important for you.
  • The rehearsal can include the entire presentation, or key sections that you choose. 
  • To wrap up the rehearsal we discuss constructive feedback and your action plan.