How To Optimise Your Facebook Lives To Reach More Of Your Ideal Audience Online

By Briohny Williams | Social Media

Dec 02

Once you’ve crossed the chasm and are not only going live but actually are now ready for people to watch your videos, you’re going to ask yourself 2 questions:

  • How do I get more people to see my videos?
  • How do I get people to like and engage with my videos (and beyond)?

Here are practical tips to optimise your process before, during and after going live to attract and build your audience, interact and build relationships, as well as create valuable, shareable content that will keep on working for you, long after the blinking red light has been switched off.

The Pre-Live Prep

If you haven’t already created your content plan with this strategic approach, you can generate endless audience-serving ideas with a simple process to consistently connect with and grow your audience. Following this you’ll want to:

Invite Your Audience In

Let people know that you’re going live, and where and when they can tune in. Yes, this is also accountability for you, so you don’t chicken out. Promote to your mailing list (no matter how small), use an event invitation or a post to invite your business connections from your personal profile, on your business page and also within your group, if you have one. Make the title descriptive, action-oriented, audience-focused to create interest. 

Same Time, Same Place

If your schedule allows, pick a regular time to go live so that your audience start to look out for your lives like they would their favourite TV shows… Well, before their favourite TV show was instantly on-demand, an entire series at a time! #thingsmykidswillneverunderstand 

Initially, you may need to test different days of the week and times to see when you are more likely to have live viewers, however, as live viewership is usually very low make sure it’s a time that ultimately works for you so you are less likely to find an excuse not to stick to it. You can learn more about your audience on your page and group insights.

Keep It Simple and Strategic

Structure your lives strategically so that you are covering all the points that you intend to. Plan, but don’t script, your opening, key points and closing. Don’t wing it, you’ll likely forget to mention something important in the heat of the “live” moment.

Ensure your live has a call to action, e.g. “visit here... find out more... join here...”. It’s likely your content has piqued some of your audience’s attention, so keep on delivering value and point them to other resources or direct contact with you to find out more.

During the Live

This is important! Anticipate there will be no-one on with you live at the very beginning, and if there are that’s a bonus! When you're building up your audience your aim is to deliver a video that will perform well as a replay, more than catering to a live viewer.

Start strong

Two-thirds of video views happen after the live, so cut out the awkward and potentially insecure sounding introduction that you hear from many live-streamers “Is anyone joining me?”, “Can you hear me?” and jump straight in with confidence. You can always do a quick recap to engage late-comers. 

Ask for Action & Interaction

Although you’re anticipating low live attendance, plan some interaction in your outline at specific points. You’ll still be getting comments and likes weeks later and have the opportunity to engage with your current audience or welcome new followers who have had the content shared with them.

After your introduction, you might ask:

  • “Are you ready to get started?!”

  • Ask a question they can post a comment on 

  • To share your video with a colleague or friend that would be interested. 

Keep re-engaging your audience throughout the live with questions and asking for comments, to reinforce that not only are you speaking to them, you want to hear from them! Valuable connections and insights can come from the responses shared by your audience.

After the Live

After your live you can edit your post to ensure you have key information in place and have the greatest chance of your replay catching the eye of your audience members. 

Live streaming will show up higher in the newsfeed than pre-recorded uploaded video, so you have a chance to share your valuable content more easily if it is live. A few key items to optimise include:

Your Title and Description 

Check they are engaging with no typos and sit above the “See more” option, so people don’t have to click to see the main content of your post. Check your links (for lead magnets etc) all work.


In Facebook, there is an option to auto-generate captions on lives from your business page. Not only does this open up your content to a more diverse community, statistics also show an enormous 85% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound off.

If you don’t have captions on during your audience’s commute or surreptitious video watching in the office then they’re going to switch off.  

Note: check the first minute or so of your video to ensure your name, business name and key product or services are spelt correctly. 

Your Thumbnail Image 

Select your thumbnail image or load a custom image aligned with your branding. Social media is a visual platform, and images with text may give you an edge to grab your audience's attention.

Building Your Expert status Beyond the Live

Repurposing your content is a hot topic in the solo-preneur world as it allows you to jump off the hamster wheel of constantly creating new content and maximise the reach of your content in various formats. The bonus is your audience will respond differently to the same or similar information if presented as a mix of posts, video snippets, blogs, videos or varying lengths on different platforms, email content, bonus material for your community and more. The fun - and sometimes the frustration - comes in learning what your audience likes the most. 

If you’re a coach, course-creator or entrepreneur and want to establish your position as an expert in your field, rather than surface skimming across dozens of topics, focus on going in-depth on a few core themes. This goes a long way to establishing your brand, focusing your content creation efforts, and generating opportunities to become the “go-to” person for your audience. 

For more speaking skills tips, training and strategies make sure you check out the FREE online community Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs and share your progress with a supportive group who are developing alongside you!