The Presentations To Profit Experience

live virtual workshop & private coaching 
for Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Course Creators

Learn How to Design, Rehearse and Deliver Signature, Strategic On-brand Presentations To Accelerate Profit Into Your Business 

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Hi, I'm Bri

This Program is a must-attend if
you are going live online, creating videos or going on stage
Imagine having the self-confidence, knowledge and speaking skills to...
  • Feel confident that you can step up in any speaking role that you choose
  • Create digital products and deliver coaching and consulting services with ease 
  • Become a go-to expert in your market
  • Create a standout brand that attracts a waitlist of people eager to work with you
  • Serve the people you are meant to, and make a brilliant living doing it!

In the Presentations To Profit Workshop, you'll learn:


The Game-Changing Mindset Entrepreneurs Adopt To...
  • Set yourself apart for success with speaking.
  • Kick those imposters out and own your expertise.
  • Focus on your super strengths, development areas & dirty words (hint: those topics you avoid like the plague but really need to focus on).


How To Attract Customers Who Love Your Work 
  • With the most profitable speaking strategies in 2019 and beyond, and focus on the strategies that will be a runaway success in your market.
  • To reach CEO-level clarity with an on-brand speaking strategy, with more of the engagement you need (more "add to cart", less "ninja-level freebie collector").
  • Resisting shiny object syndrome and using the 30-Day Get Visible Roadmap to see new levels of momentum in your business.


How To Tell A Powerful Brand Story That Connects

  • By sharing your unique perspective, expertise and values without sounding like you have a massive ego, or are desperate to sell! 
  • Rehearse crucial introductions, taglines and your core themes, AND swipe our templates so you never need to worry about re-creating that magic!


The Simplest Way To Master Your Signature Presentation
  • To be ready for any speaking role you choose - whether you're hosting or a guest, online or in-person.
  • To attract clients with a talk that positions you as an expert and sells your products and services.
  • By practicing your signature talk and gaining valuable feedback - no under-selling allowed!


The Single-Most Effective Way To Turn Your Presentations Into Profit
...whether your stage is live streaming on social media, a video, podcast, networking event, conference, workshop, the boardroom or your local fundraising event.
And you can bet we will be talking about this in our first coaching session!

In the Private Coaching Sessions, we'll focus on:

Reviewing your strategy, keeping your motivation sky high and actions on track!
In our two (2) 60-minute Private coaching sessions following the virtual workshop we'll tailor your strategy and action steps, and keep saying a big NO to all the shiny objects and an even bigger YES to your real priorities.

My Commitment To You

You'll walk away from the Presentations to Profit Experience with...
  • 100% clarity on the best fit of profitable speaking opportunities for your business.
  • The steps and support you need to take to accelerate profit into your business.
  • Your Personal Brand story & Signature Talk templates, outlines and feedback from rehearsals.
  • Your next 30-days of topics, speaking projects, posts and pitches planned.

What's Included?

This learning experience gives you the communication tools to feel confident and credible every time you speak to an online or live audience, and to increase your visibility so you start earning the profit your business deserves!

live virtual workshop

Join a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are ready to level up with

the most profitable and engaging online and live presenting strategies!


  • Signature Talk Creation & Rehearsals
  • Profitable Speaking Strategies
  • 5 Powerful Lessons
  • Hot-seat Coaching
  • Personal Feedback
  • Workbook including Signature Talk Templates
  • 30-Day Get Visible Roadmap



Apply all that you have learned and make it work for your business in our private coaching sessions.


2 x 60 minute Private coaching sessions following the virtual workshop to review your strategy, keep your motivation sky high and actions on track!



Get thinking about your brand, where you need to show up and start brainstorming!

Includes your brand self-assessment, goal-setting, video planner and videos for instant inspiration!

signature talk


​brand self-assessment

get visible 



Because your success is priority #1

Join the Presentations to Profit Experience and you score 2 incredible bonuses worth their (virtual) weight in gold!
Bonus 1
Establishing Your Personal Brand 
On-demand Class

Let's get you 100% focused on where we're heading with an essential building block for your business success - your personal branding.

Not only will this be a great primer for the virtual workshop, you'll also be able to fill in any gaps you have on this can't-miss topic! 

Bonus 2
Public Speaking Best Practices
On-demand Class

The superheroes and villains of great communication - and how to stay away from the dark side!

7 speaker best practices - we get really specific - that can instantly improve your presentations!

Here’s what people are saying about
working with Bri

Marie-France Samba

Coach for Multi-talented Women, Marie-France Samba

"I can not recommend working with her enough!"

The moment I connected with Bri it felt that I’ve known her for years. I just knew I wanted to work with her. I wanted to create videos as part of my new program launch.


Bri has gone above and beyond with detailed strategy, and great inspiring communication tips to help me craft my message and deliver it confidently in front of the camera. I felt incredibly supported and guided, I can’t thank her enough. 

The framework for launch strategy that Bri shared with me was the most helpful. She also understands my business and shared some creative, innovative ways to develop it according to my vision.

Suzanne Acteson

Educator, Coach, Writer at Suzanne Acteson

Invaluable Guidance, Tools and Techniques

I’ve been working with Bri for the past 3 months now, working on improving my speaking skills. Specifically, I am keen on being more effective in my video content for both my online course I run and also my interactions with my community via Facebook & Instagram lives.

I’ve found Bri’s guidance, techniques and tools to be invaluable. She is very patient and makes it easy to learn and adopt her ideas into my online content.

Bri has helped me feel like I’m not just winging it anymore, and I have a professional content strategy that I can execute across all of my platforms.

I can’t wait to get stuck into working with her on my public stage speaking very soon.

Thanks Bri for all of the value you’ve added to my business, which has definitely helped me grow in this short period of time.

Maggie Lamarre

Business Consultant for Coaches, Consultants and Small Businesses, Cascade Avenue

Stand out in your niche with a speaking strategy

Over 300 hours of videos are uploaded in YouTube per minute. Think about it for a minute, most videos are 15-20 minutes. That is a lot of videos right?! 

What do you do as a small business owner and entrepreneur? You must differentiate yourself in your niche by having a strategy.

This is where Briohny Williams comes in.

You’ve got to know how to present to be able to attract and captivate your audience. Briohny’s attention to detail and being able to see gaps and guide you is what’s fantastic working with her.

If you want to be a better speaker, check her out!

The doors for Presentations to Profit are currently closed.

Fill out the form to join the VIP waiting list (and get first dibs on early bird goodies next time)! 

Your Invitation To Invest In Yourself!

Over the years I have been a trainer, a team member, a manager, a coach... and the biggest cheerleader you can imagine for the people I work with. You can learn more about me here.

Often I have seen great people, ideas and opportunities overlooked because, despite knowing it would enhance their career or business, many people shy away from speaking up and making sure they are first on the list when opportunities arise.

I want you to be first on the list too!

I've put all the very best executive strategies from the corporate world into this experience so that you can feel confident in any speaking role, and create the business and profit that you deserve!

I can't wait to work with you!


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

I'm not satisfied unless you’re satisfied.

If you complete the full Presentations To Profit Experience (online modules, virtual workshop and private coaching) and you’re not happy with any part of the experience you can have your money back within 30 days of the date you attended the virtual workshop. No questions asked.

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