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Private Public Speaking Coaching and Communication Strategy for online entrepreneurs and coaches

bri williams

Hi, I'm Bri!

For over 15 years, I've been working with coaches, entrepreneurs and professionals to transform their speaking skills and strategy, raising their visibility, engagement and speaking confidence. 

I'd love to talk to you about your goals and what the most profitable speaking strategies could look like in your business! 

What To Expect In Our Free Discovery Call

Let's chat! We'll get to know each other, your motivation for building your speaking skills and what a communication strategy could look like in your business.

Whether you're looking to...

  • become a go-to expert and build your business through dream speaking engagements 
  • want to feel more confident creating live or pre-recorded video content for social media
  • want to turn up your leadership presence
  • Prepare for upcoming events

I'm here to help you grow and meet your goals! 

We'll explore your immediate speaking needs, longer-term development goals, your bigger vision for your business and how I can help through either the 30-Day Spotlight or 90-Day Presence private coaching programs. 

We'll discuss what it would look like to work together and the next steps.

If you've got a high-stakes presentation, keynote address, pitch or best-man speech and you need help YESTERDAY, go straight to the 90-min Intensive and book a time to rehearse and get you focused for your big event. 

90-Minute Intensive 



Focus on one goal and make progress today.

You might be focused on one of the areas below, or bring your own ideas!

  • Rehearse your next in-person event
  • Rehearse "Going Live" solo or guest/host interview techniques 
  • Brainstorm social media content and key messages (posts, challenges, training, launching a new product or service)
  • Video content review & feedback
  • Key steps to course creation

Need more than one session? 90-min packages are available, email [email protected] to discuss your needs.

What's included:
  • 1 x 90-min video call where we get focused on your goal and get to work!

Click below to book your Intensive!

The 30-Day Spotlight Program


Develop your speaking skills and strategy for rapid progress in the next 30 days.

Are you new to speaking online or in-person, or have a campaign, launch or event that you need to nail?

You can use the Spotlight Program to:

  • Practice "Going Live" for your social media channels with content we work on together
  • Increase audience engagement via video and live streaming content with an online communication strategy 
  • Rehearse your high-profile guest-speaking engagement until you can throw the notes away
  • Create your Signature Talk
  • Design key messages for a product or service launch
  • Message mastery for live speaking engagements
  • Manage speaking nerves and anxiety
  • And more!
What's included:
  • 4 x 60-min weekly video calls 
  • Email and Whatsapp / Voxer support between calls
  • Video call recordings to keep and review

Let's talk about what's coming up in your business!


The 90-Day Presence Program


leverage speaking to build your business or career. 

You see speaking as a strategic move - you know this is the best way to grow your business. You're ready to polish your skills and use speaking opportunities to earn a brilliant living.

We'll use my PRESENCE Coaching framework to get clear on your goals and your path to excellence.

You can use the Presence Program to:

  • Amp up your leadership presence to progress in your career
  • Become the go-to guest speaker in your niche and increase the quality of the engagements
  • Create consistent suite of promotional content for your products or services
  • Design and record on-brand videos for your online course 
  • Gain direction and experience as a professional speaker
  • Build or refine your facilitation skills to run workshops, retreat or events
  • Add live online coaching to your business model
  • And more!
What's included:
  • 1 x 90-min goal setting intensive video call
  • 6 x 60-min bi-weekly video calls
  • The PRESENCE Coaching Framework Workbook, where we'll document your goals, actions and successes! 
  • Email and Whatsapp / Voxer support between calls
  • Video call recordings to keep and review
  • Additional resources as needed to support your development; Rehearsals with feedback, Signature Talk and other templates, tutorials and more.

What's your BIG dream? Let's make it happen!

About Bri Williams

Bri (Bree) is a communication strategist, public speaking coach and the founder of How To Present.

She believes there's no such thing as a "perfect speaker" and that through simple lessons and consistent action we can ALL develop a genuine public persona that makes speaking with your audience not-at-all scary.

Her style is calm and confident and focused on helping you build speaking skills, self-awareness and confidence quickly. 

Bri’s extensive corporate experience saw her developing global learning programs for graduates, through to coaching leaders. Her education in Counselling, Psychometrics & NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) has helped entrepreneurs and professionals gain confidence, clarify their message and present with ease for the past 15 years.

She's a sought after guest speaker, and along with writing regular articles for her blog, is the in-house communications expert for the LiveMore corporate personal development app, and has been published on Thrive Global, featured on the Learning From Leaders podcast and interviewed by Human Behavior Lab sharing her mindful practices to ease presenter anxiety. 

With knowledge of the complexities of communication within a business, Bri is here to help you define your goals, guide you through practical action steps and help you build your business with public speaking.

Here’s What People Are Saying About
Working With Bri

Marie-France Samba

Coach for Multi-talented Women, Marie-France Samba

"I can not recommend working with her enough!" 

The moment I connected with Bri it felt that I’ve known her for years. I just knew I wanted to work with her. I wanted to create videos as part of my new program launch. 

Bri has gone above and beyond with detailed strategy, and great inspiring communication tips to help me craft my message and deliver it confidently in front of the camera. I felt incredibly supported and guided, I can’t thank her enough. 

The framework for launch strategy that Bri shared with me was the most helpful. She also understands my business and shared some creative, innovative ways to develop it according to my vision.

Suzanne Acteson

Educator, Coach, Writer at Suzanne Acteson

"Invaluable Guidance, Tools and Techniques"

I’ve been working with Bri for the past 3 months now, working on improving my speaking skills. Specifically, I am keen on being more effective in my video content for both my online course I run and also my interactions with my community via Facebook & Instagram lives.
I’ve found Bri’s guidance, techniques and tools to be invaluable. She is very patient and makes it easy to learn and adopt her ideas into my online content. 
Bri has helped me feel like I’m not just winging it anymore, and I have a professional content strategy that I can execute across all of my platforms. 
I can’t wait to get stuck into working with her on my public stage speaking very soon. 
Thanks Bri for all of the value you’ve added to my business, which has definitely helped me grow in this short period of time.

Maggie Lamarre

Business Consultant for Coaches, Consultants and Small Businesses, Cascade Avenue

"Stand Out In Your Niche With A Speaking Strategy" 

Over 300 hours of videos are uploaded in YouTube per minute. Think about it for a minute, most videos are 15-20 minutes. That is a lot of videos right?! 

What do you do as a small business owner and entrepreneur? You must differentiate yourself in your niche by having a strategy.

This is where Briohny Williams comes in. 

You’ve got to know how to present to be able to attract and captivate your audience. 

Briohny’s attention to detail and being able to see gaps and guide you is what’s fantastic working with her.

If you want to be a better speaker, check her out!

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