Imagine enjoying public speaking.

Does that feel a long way off, or even impossible? 

Whether you're brand new to public speaking, want to build your confidence and presence or are ready to nail presenting in your personal style, we've got you covered!

Scroll down to see the learning pathways below.

Small Group Virtual Live Sessions

live video-conference with your tribe

Choose one or more topics and we'll get the team learning!

skill builders

An interactive series of facilitated discussions to jumpstart team building, raise awareness and enhance skills.

  • A series of three (3) 30 - 60 minute live webinars
  • Choose from a range of popular communication topics
  • We'll cover 1 skill per session. You decide how you want them scheduled (1 per day, week or month).
  • Group participants interact live on video conference
  • Schedule to build team interactions with topics that will get communication flowing

coffee breaks

A short presentation that is used to introduce new ideas & a break from daily tasks to focus on valuable professional development.

  • A 15 - 30 minute live webinar
  • Choose from a range of popular communication topics 
  • Participants join from their desk and pose questions via chat box
  • Schedule when the team needs a coffee break!


Essentials for effectively engaging your team, leadership and clients.

  • A 45 - 60 minute live webinar
  • Each attendee receives a 45 minute personal discussion / goal session following the webinar
  • You choose executive communication strategy to focus on
  • Participants join as a group and interact live on video conference
  • Schedule when you need an efficient and targeted educational discussion, in conjunction with a personal goal session to solidify understanding and the personal action that each individual will take. 

Onsite Training

Learning at your office or training venue

Let me know where and I'll meet you there!

Whilst the wonders of technology make it easy to connect from anywhere in the world, there are always going to be times when you want everyone in the same place, at the same time.

Do you want to build camaraderie and good vibes with your new team?

Have you got a group of new leaders that need to work on their feedback skills?

Are you preparing for an event or conference and need help with speaker rehearsals, feedback and getting the messaging just right?

The possibilities are endless! Let's make a plan.

Training Topic Ideas*

popular topics

  • Mindset Reset For Confident Presentations
  • The Art of Powerful Storytelling
  • Building Personal Presence
  • Captivate Your Audience
  • Designing Visually Compelling Slides 
  • Emotional Intelligence at Work
  • Communication Essentials for Future Leaders
  • Keynote Speech Clinic
  • Making Strategic Recommendations
  • Communicating Senior Decisions and Business Changes
  •  Delivering Difficult Messages
  • Talk Nerdy To Me (Simplifying Complex and Dry Data)
  • Supporting Subject Matter Experts to Deliver Training
  • Building An Experience-Focused Curriculum

*This list is a selection of popular topics and tailored programs are also available.

Let's talk about what you need and start designing!


individual online programs

You decide how quickly you want to progress and can revisit lessons at any time

Lifetime access to self-paced online modules


Build a solid foundation with the fundamental principles of great talks.


Identify growth areas, set your strategic goals, rapidly build your new skills.


Present your unique personal brand with polished public speaking.