Getting To The Point Is Profitable

By Briohny Williams | Video

May 31

Why your brand needs clear messages in your video & 3 simple steps Before You press record

A Moment To Make An Impression

If you’re making videos for your business it's important you know; you have less than 10 seconds to get to the point.

You've actually got closer to 3 seconds to deliver the perfect hook and engage your audience and if you’ve caught your audience’s attention they may continue to watch a few seconds more. If you start to deliver on the promise of your hook, then maybe they’ll stay minutes instead of seconds. Tough gig, huh?!

Our brain loves video as it combines movement and noise, and it's the visual and auditory stimulation that makes video a much more memorable experience. We can include text, images, links, animation and more, making video a superfood on the marketing menu. 

The statistics are pretty clear. Video is, by far, the most engaging content on the internet in 2019 and consumption of mobile video volume continues to increase by 100% every year. According to Cisco, video now accounts for about 80% of all consumer internet traffic. 

Stop and think about those numbers for a moment. 

Then take another moment to think about where you are spending your energy in your business. Chances are you are spending time and money on marketing, yet many people shy away from creating video. Is there an opportunity for your business that you haven’t taken yet?

Scroll through your feed on Facebook and take in just how many videos are posted within your immediate network alone. Globally, 100 million hours are spent on Facebook each day.

LinkedIn has fantastic engagement rates; video created within LinkedIn (“native video”) is five times more likely than other content to start a conversation among LinkedIn members. 

Further proof of the popularity of video, Instagram launched IGTV in 2018 as a competitor to You Tube, that now allows for longer form videos. Businesses are jumping on this opportunity whilst (for now) there are no ads to break up the viewing experience.  

We also watch an unbelievable 1 billion hours of YouTube videos per day! Whilst this might seem the obvious place to start sharing your videos, this brings us to an important point; where do your audience hang out?

And I hear you say, "Yes Bri, this all sounds very impressive and a great opportunity, but… 

...I just don’t want to be seen on video!" The worry of what to say, freezing up or the sheer cringe-factor of seeing ourselves on film can be a powerful persuader to keep things exactly as they are.

I get it. No-one wants to look like a fool. Even some great Hollywood actors can’t bear to watch themselves on screen, you’re not alone!

However, you're likely reading this article because you've been meaning to start doing videos, and with more and more people creating this content, how do you make sure that your videos will stand out for the RIGHT reasons?

Having a simple strategy around video can take some of the fear out of the process, so you can start to maximize the greatest asset in your business, which is of course, YOU.

3 Simple Steps That Anyone Can Take Today

Your communication skills and body language are going to be in the spotlight, so it’s important to focus on what your audience care about, what you will say and how you will say it.  

The good news? Working on your communication skills will never be a bad investment. Videos aside, you can use these skills far and wide in your business for both verbal and written communications. 

Reduce overwhelm and make progress more quickly by following the below 3 steps:

  1. 1
    Any of the internet sensations that live-stream or post pre-recorded videos are having you on if they say "I just thought I'd pop on here quickly to tell you about...". These videos are planned, if not scripted, and they always include key information to hook your attention at the beginning and include a call to action at the end. Watch enough of these videos and you start to see the patterns (it's kind of like being in the Matrix). You need to know exactly what your key points are and how you want to talk about them - remember what you write and how you say things out loud are very different. You can use The Ultimate Video Message Planner to get organised (more below).
  2. 2
    Rehearse Get the nerves out of the way, with all the out-takes done in the comfort of your office with no risk of your audience seeing you work on getting it right. That said, the audience dont' mind if you show who you are, and definitely love to see your personality, and how you deal when things don't go perfectly. Pro tip: things will not always run perfectly, so plan for it! What would you say if the technology failed, there was a loud noise in the background, or for those working from home... remember the BBC interview guy (below)?
  3. 3
    Seek Feedback The first step is to watch yourself back on video. You can learn a lot if you can look at yourself objectively (which is, admittedly, quite difficult). Then, ask a small group of trusted truth-tellers, not family or friends that you know will just tell you you're wonderful, to tell you 1 thing you can do to improve. Finally, ask the public, and listen as objectively as you can - they are all your potential audience, after all.

Whether you've dabbled or a brand newbie, the message about video is clear - it's truly effective and it's here to stay. Post something short and focused on solving a problem for your audience where they like to hang out, and if your nerves are getting the best of you, think of the people you could be helping by sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Help your audience out - don't hide from them!

If you have been meaning to start making videos for a long time now and either through not enough time, fear of public speaking or not knowing where to start, you've held back from creating content, subscribers can now access our free checklist, The Ultimate Video Message Planner

This free checklist will help build trust and relationships with your audience, and help you discover the essential content for live or recorded videos, how to improve each time you rehearse, and get those videos made!

Would some feedback be useful?

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Tanya Cox June 5, 2019

Great article Briohny, and useful tips thank you

    Briohny Williams June 5, 2019

    Thanks Tanya! You’ve made a lot of videos, I appreciate your comment!

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