Camera Comfort Comes Before Confidence

By Briohny Williams | Social Media

Mar 10

6 Steps to Calm the Freak-out and Learn to Speak Up on Camera

When you have years of experience in your field - including public speaking in front of a crowd - it can be frustrating to feel defeated by a camera lens. To know that you have a proven offer and results that you could be sharing with a wider audience... if you could just move past your fears. You know it doesn't make sense, but you just don't know how to feel confident on camera and get those videos made!

The first step in becoming camera confident on camera is to be comfortable with the camera. Get to know it a little, what it can do and can’t do. And mostly importantly, how you can use it to your great advantage and grow your business. 

Here are your very first steps to get started with using video to market your business or create an online course.

Step One: Ease into using your voice

There are not many people that love the sound of their own voice (though we all know someone who does!), so it can be weird to hear yourself back on video at first. 

Use Facebook and Instagram stories to record 30-sec tips or messages to get used to recording yourself. They disappear in 24 hours and after a week of that, you'll be ready to graduate! Not only that, marketing strategist Kelly Flynn has been using stories with great results - so you’re basically also doing the hottest thing in marketing right now! Win-win!

Step Two: Create a plan

Plan for your first video by deciding what problem you'll solve, and then decide what content you need to cover to provide the solution. This is a common approach in the learning and development world, as you keep your content focused, goal-oriented and value-rich.

You’ve seen the people before that go live and wing it. Don’t be them. Your business and your audience deserve better!

Step Three: Create a script or outline.

Even (or especially) short videos need an outline to make sure you stick to the important points and have a prompt if you get tongue-tied.

I don’t recommend you use a script unless you can deliver that message like you’re having a conversation - scripts can provide more hassle as you struggle to memorise and be word perfect, instead of just getting on there and saying what you have to say! 

For simple to create video outlines I recommend using my Ultimate Video Message Planner, which also helps you rehearse and review to improve your delivery quickly.

Step Four: Bring a friend.

Sometimes it's easier to speak to someone in the room holding a camera than talk to a lonesome lens. If you're going live, you can ask a friend to join the live from their place or another room so you know you're not talking to yourself! Use the variety of pace, tone and volume that you would when you’re talking to your friend to liven up your delivery!

Step Five: Allow plenty of time and don't forget the light!

Getting all set up and feeling ready to go can take longer initially, and if you're planning on filming in daylight you want to allow plenty of time for multiple takes while you get your groove on. Allow 4x the length of your video for shooting, e.g. a 15-min video may take you an hour to set up and film, in the early days.

Step Six: Batch your filming.

As the previous point suggests, the set up can be time-consuming so plan out multiple videos for one session. Once you're warmed up and in confident "presenter-mode", it becomes easier to create more videos than do the entire set up for your next video another day (and this way you can't wriggle out of making those videos!)

If you're planning on going live, why not follow your live by filming a little bonus content? An extra tip that you didn't share on the live could become a bonus video that you share exclusively with your mailing list. Bonus content = bonus engagement!

If you have an established area of expertise and have been holding back from using video to share more value with your community or marketing yourself online and you want to get over your camera fears, please get in touch here.

We can easily create a plan that has you focused on building your camera confidence to share your knowledge and make new connections online more easily.

For more speaking skills tips, training and strategies make sure you check out the FREE online community Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs and share your progress with a supportive group who are developing alongside you!