Dec 02

How To Optimise Your Facebook Lives To Reach More Of Your Ideal Audience Online

By Briohny Williams | Social Media

Once you’ve crossed the chasm and are not only going live but actually are now ready for people to watch your videos, you’re going to ask yourself 2 questions:

  • How do I get more people to see my videos?
  • How do I get people to like and engage with my videos (and beyond)?

Here are practical tips to optimise your process before, during and after going live to attract and build your audience, interact and build relationships, as well as create valuable, shareable content that will keep on working for you, long after the blinking red light has been switched off.

The Pre-Live Prep

If you haven’t already created your content plan with this strategic approach, you can generate endless audience-serving ideas with a simple process to consistently connect with and grow your audience. Following this you’ll want to:

Invite Your Audience In

Let people know that you’re going live, and where and when they can tune in. Yes, this is also accountability for you, so you don’t chicken out. Promote to your mailing list (no matter how small), use an event invitation or a post to invite your business connections from your personal profile, on your business page and also within your group, if you have one. Make the title descriptive, action-oriented, audience-focused to create interest. 

Same Time, Same Place

If your schedule allows, pick a regular time to go live so that your audience start to look out for your lives like they would their favourite TV shows… Well, before their favourite TV show was instantly on-demand, an entire series at a time! #thingsmykidswillneverunderstand 

Initially, you may need to test different days of the week and times to see when you are more likely to have live viewers, however, as live viewership is usually very low make sure it’s a time that ultimately works for you so you are less likely to find an excuse not to stick to it. You can learn more about your audience on your page and group insights.

Keep It Simple and Strategic

Structure your lives strategically so that you are covering all the points that you intend to. Plan, but don’t script, your opening, key points and closing. Don’t wing it, you’ll likely forget to mention something important in the heat of the “live” moment.

Ensure your live has a call to action, e.g. “visit here... find out more... join here...”. It’s likely your content has piqued some of your audience’s attention, so keep on delivering value and point them to other resources or direct contact with you to find out more.

During the Live

This is important! Anticipate there will be no-one on with you live at the very beginning, and if there are that’s a bonus! When you're building up your audience your aim is to deliver a video that will perform well as a replay, more than catering to a live viewer.

Start strong

Two-thirds of video views happen after the live, so cut out the awkward and potentially insecure sounding introduction that you hear from many live-streamers “Is anyone joining me?”, “Can you hear me?” and jump straight in with confidence. You can always do a quick recap to engage late-comers. 

Ask for Action & Interaction

Although you’re anticipating low live attendance, plan some interaction in your outline at specific points. You’ll still be getting comments and likes weeks later and have the opportunity to engage with your current audience or welcome new followers who have had the content shared with them.

After your introduction, you might ask:

  • “Are you ready to get started?!”

  • Ask a question they can post a comment on 

  • To share your video with a colleague or friend that would be interested. 

Keep re-engaging your audience throughout the live with questions and asking for comments, to reinforce that not only are you speaking to them, you want to hear from them! Valuable connections and insights can come from the responses shared by your audience.

After the Live

After your live you can edit your post to ensure you have key information in place and have the greatest chance of your replay catching the eye of your audience members. 

Live streaming will show up higher in the newsfeed than pre-recorded uploaded video, so you have a chance to share your valuable content more easily if it is live. A few key items to optimise include:

Your Title and Description 

Check they are engaging with no typos and sit above the “See more” option, so people don’t have to click to see the main content of your post. Check your links (for lead magnets etc) all work.


In Facebook, there is an option to auto-generate captions on lives from your business page. Not only does this open up your content to a more diverse community, statistics also show an enormous 85% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound off.

If you don’t have captions on during your audience’s commute or surreptitious video watching in the office then they’re going to switch off.  

Note: check the first minute or so of your video to ensure your name, business name and key product or services are spelt correctly. 

Your Thumbnail Image 

Select your thumbnail image or load a custom image aligned with your branding. Social media is a visual platform, and images with text may give you an edge to grab your audience's attention.

Building Your Expert status Beyond the Live

Repurposing your content is a hot topic in the solo-preneur world as it allows you to jump off the hamster wheel of constantly creating new content and maximise the reach of your content in various formats. The bonus is your audience will respond differently to the same or similar information if presented as a mix of posts, video snippets, blogs, videos or varying lengths on different platforms, email content, bonus material for your community and more. The fun - and sometimes the frustration - comes in learning what your audience likes the most. 

If you’re a coach, course-creator or entrepreneur and want to establish your position as an expert in your field, rather than surface skimming across dozens of topics, focus on going in-depth on a few core themes. This goes a long way to establishing your brand, focusing your content creation efforts, and generating opportunities to become the “go-to” person for your audience. 

For more speaking skills tips, training and strategies make sure you check out the FREE online community Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs and share your progress with a supportive group who are developing alongside you!

Nov 25

The Vulnerability of Visibility and Other Reasons You Hate Public Speaking So Much

By Briohny Williams | Video

Practical steps to overcome public speaking procrastination, anxiety and our fear of rejection.

This is not what you signed up for.

When you made the big move to start your business you felt excited and motivated towards freedom and flexibility. You created a logo, prepared your offers, created the social media presence and your website and then started looking for clients. 

However, even though you’re working hard you’re not seeing the results you want in your business (yet!). You’re suffering from a severe case of invisibility. You may have started overthinking, losing sleep and dreading people asking how your business is going. 

You know that by being more “visible” your audience would start to know who you are, what you do and how you can help, but you’re feeling guilty for not following through on ideas and anxious about what’s to come if something doesn’t change soon. 

And then there’s that big, hairy, out-of-comfort zone option that you know would make a huge difference. If you could just figure out how to tackle “going live”. Cue sweaty palms, your racing heart, and your mind building the case for “why this is not a good idea”. 

Calm your out-of-control thoughts with these 3 steps to increase your visibility and create a consistent approach to connect with your ideal clients.

Your Public Persona vs Your Fears

We all have fears. Afraid of being rejected. Afraid of being seen. Of being known, and of being invisible. Afraid of negative feedback, and of no-one listening. 

Many entrepreneurs struggle with having a “public persona” beyond a carefully constructed “About Me” description on their website. For many, they didn’t consider being the face of their business and struggle with feelings of imposter syndrome and often procrastination, cleverly masked as perfectionism. 

As a coach or expert in your field, you may feel this burden more heavily. You need to be perfect, right? Surely this sort of thing doesn’t affect you?

What if talking about your experience and your struggles could help?  By bringing your authentic voice to the conversation you’ll build relationships with the right audience and repel people that are not a great fit for your business in the first place.

Action Step 1

Make a list of who your product or service IS for, and who it ISN’T for. Lean into not being all things for all people.

Reduce and Reinterpret Your Public Speaking Fears

If you have decided to “go live” on your ideal clients’ favourite social media platform - kudos to you! Have you taken action on your decision? Not yet? You’re not alone!Whether speaking in person or online our can brains start sabotaging our efforts with thoughts of…

“What can I talk about that is valuable?”

“How will they react to ME (my hair, weight, accent, office decor)?”

“Will there be nasty responses?

Academic research will tell you that fear of rejection is nothing new. Forget live-streaming for a moment and crouch down in the bushes, hiding from the pointy-toothed animal chasing you. Your primary focus is survival. 

Our ability to communicate with fellow cave-dwellers helped us learn to make quick judgements on credibility and trustworthiness. To follow the wrong leader could mean injury or death. To speak up could mean being pushed out of the group, becoming an easy target for predators, human or beast. 

Today, speaking up provides your potential clients with a chance to evaluate your abilities, just as you use your judgement with others. Planning and rehearsing in conditions as close to the “real thing” as possible has been shown to reduce the anxiety felt prior to and during public speaking, giving you the best chance to attract your ideal clients. 

Action Step 2

Create an outline (not a script) with your key points. If it’s good enough for world leaders and live television, you can write and rehearse your key points too! Record your rehearsal and review for improvement areas.

You don’t need motivation, you need a system

Overthinking can be exhausting. Do you endlessly deliberate, only to then question your decision? Or pick over the tiniest of details, and worry about how you think others view you on social media? 

You become a mind-reader and a fortune-teller, and even though I can tell you that speaking online becomes easier very quickly, that people are generally kind online, and that your business will grow - I don’t think you will believe me without seeing proof. 

So instead, I’ll ask you to create a simple plan so can see the results yourself.

Action Step 3

Plan, Rehearse & Deliver live videos weekly for the next month to learn what your audience engages with and measure your progress.

The key to consistency is being realistic about what is achievable for you to deliver. How you show up builds trust with your audience.

We get caught up in the idea that all eyes are on us, and that the overwhelming reaction from others will be negative. This has not been my experience at all, however, please know that I still get the same physical and mental reactions as you do. I’ve just been to the other side of that process a few more times than some to know it’s absolutely worthwhile pushing through the discomfort.

Once you start to train your brain to focus your thoughts and processes around creating more visibility for your business, you can tap into a simple and truly effective approach to connect with your ideal clients through video and build real client relationships while you’re at it.

With over 15 years of teaching communication strategies and skills, including coaching to prepare for live-streaming and other online presentations, I can guide towards a dream "live" experience! Book your free 30-minute discovery call here to discuss your goals and take the first step in boosting your visibility.

For more training and tips please visit the Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs community.

Nov 19

Design Value-Packed Videos In 30 Minutes (Or Less)

By Briohny Williams | Video

One of my favourite things about working with entrepreneurs and coaches on their speaking skills and communication strategy is seeing their confidence - and their audience - grow when they consistently show up and share their knowledge by “going live”. 

Once they get clear on who they’re really talking to, and how this relates to the services they provide, they find it so much easier to create content for live streaming consistently - intentionally choosing how, where and how often they communicate, with clear strategies to attract and provide massive value to their audience.

This is one of the core areas we focus on in the Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs Community, as video marketing is such an important (and completely free!) tool that coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs can utilise to attract new clients and engage with their own communities. 

However, even the most dedicated business owners can struggle to find time to create videos from their killer content. Common problems that we work on are; 

  • What to talk about, and what topics will really connect 
  • Procrastination, anxiety and fear of rejection masked as waiting for “ideal conditions” such as not going live until you have the right lighting, backdrop, or only filming when you’re having a good hair day (this happens more often than people would like to admit!) 
  • Developing the habit of showing up on a regular basis. Even if you theoretically understand the importance - it’s part of the marketing strategy on paper, at least! - there are so many other  tasks that get prioritised, especially if going live is out of your comfort zone.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll delve into each of these areas. In this article we'll start with the most commonly asked question for new live streamers... “What do I talk about?”.

Yes, you can brainstorm and make a list. But if you want to supercharge that brainstorming session, you need to know who your client really is, what your goal is for the session and how it ties to your business overall.

If you struggle to create content and videos on a regular basis, it’s very likely that when you dig into these key considerations, you’ll find at least one missing from your preparation process. The good news is that once you do this research you can use a simple video outline (detailed below) week after week to quickly and easily create memorable videos.

Step 1: Your Client Avatar

Who is your audience? Where are they starting from and what do they need?

Often when we design our blogs, presentations, courses and challenges, we start by viewing the “problem” from our own base of knowledge and experience, not necessarily that of our audience.

For example, if you’re thinking about going live I could tell you about the best video length to gain maximum distribution on Facebook - useful yes, but perhaps you’ve not yet reached the point of pressing the “Go Live” button because you’re wracked with self-doubt. The next step for you will be different from an entrepreneur who’s thinking about maximising organic reach after having gone live dozens of times. 

As we’ve already taken these steps, sometimes long ago, it can be easy to forget not only the practical steps and amount of direction needed but also the thoughts and emotions that your audience may be experiencing.

The first time I went “live” I remember feeling as though a million eyes were watching me (though no-one actually watched me “live”), and fearing judgement from people in my network. We have to remind ourselves of where our audience is starting, in order to speak to them about the things they really care about. 

Dig deep into what keeps them up at night, their particular challenges, the beliefs that may be stopping them from moving forward, and also what they want and need more than anything in their business or personal life.

Ask your audience to share their thoughts with you on these “problems”, as well as their life beyond their problems - what are their interests, their hobbies, what information they like to read and watch - all of these elements will give you so much more ability to create content that your audience actually cares about.  

Step 2: Your Objective

We’re on a journey and you’re the navigator.

Before creating any content ask yourself what your goal is for sharing that information, and what will your call to action be? 

Common goals are to: 

  • Raise your visibility - you simply want more people in your ideal target audience to know you exist, your areas of expertise and who you can help specifically.

  • Engagement - you’re now looking to start conversations, have your audience interact with you on videos, reply to your emails or download your lead magnet, to name just a few options. 

  • Conversion - you’re ready to make an offer to your ideal client and want to share the details of who it will best serve, where they sign up and get some new clients!

If you can’t think of a good reason that you are creating this content, take a look at all of your products or services. Does your plan aim to build your visibility, build your email list, grow your community, or start more sales conversations? Does your video lead to a product or service that you actually offer?

Step 3: Your core products or services.

Stay in your lane (for now).

When you see other businesses offering similar services to you, it can be tempting to think... “I could do that too!”. And, you may well have the knowledge and skills to deliver on that idea. However, the more you divert from your core messages and services, the less likely you are to resonate with a particular group, as you try to be all things to all people. Stick to the core themes of your business, and expand your offering over time (if that idea still has legs after the initial excitement wears off).

Creating content is not an opportunity to show off everything you know (though you can weave your credibility credentials into your storytelling), it’s to start a conversation that leads to sales. As one of the participants in our recent Camera Confidence Challenge realised, we need to shift into the mindset of starting more sales conversations, otherwise, we just have an “expensive hobby”! That’s not to say you can never offer a different service or product - but what are you offering right now, and what do you need to focus on?


Step 4: Your Video Outline

P.S This becomes Step 1 the very next time you’re making a video.

Brainstorm as many video ideas as you can on the challenges of your audience (based on their starting point), beliefs that are stopping them from moving forward, and their goals. Keep this list somewhere you can easily build on it. Every time you hear a new problem from your audience that your product or service can solve, note it down.

Pick the one idea that best satisfies these 2 requirements:

  • You can speak from experience and feel confident in your knowledge of the topic, AND
  • The topic that will best help your audience overcome a challenge or get a quick win.
  1. Create a compelling title and brief description that you will use to promote your session.  e.g. “Selling Out Your Next Launch Using FB Live”, is likely going to get more views than “Tips to Launch Your Next Offer Using FB Live”.
  2. Craft and practice your introduction until you are fluent - who you are, who you help and what you do. Then lead into what you will be talking about and why it’s important for your audience.
  3. Select a lead magnet you will mention in the video, or another call to action (visit group, register for the webinar, join the challenge etc)
  4. Select the 3 most important points on your topic and use exercises, your stories and client case studies to illustrate your points. 
  5. Plan to ask if live viewers have questions
  6. Re-pitch your lead magnet or call to action
  7. Plan to answer any questions, and how you will respond if the question is outside of your area of expertise or not on topic
  8. Recap what you’ve talked about, why it’s important to your audience.
  9. Thank your audience for watching and following you, and if you have your next topic planned, drop in a teaser for your next live stream.

The aim is to create an outline, rather than a script, based on content that you know like the back of your hand so you can put all your energy into delivering value to your audience to help them solve a problem or challenge and create real connections in the process.

Now that you've done your research selecting video topics strategically becomes easier, and designing and delivering memorable live streams become the new normal. In the next article, we'll take a closer look at the vulnerability of visibility and practical steps to overcome public speaking procrastination, anxiety and fear of rejection.

If you’d like to see this outline in action and learn how you can apply this in your own live streams, you can visit the Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs community to learn more. 

Oct 28

3 Visibility Tactics For Coaches To Attract More Clients

By Briohny Williams | Video

Whether your talents lie in social media strategy, 10X-ing something, fitness, resilience, communication or helping nonprofits to fundraise, your talents alone won’t build your business. The need remains to build your visibility – online and offline – so people know who you are, what you do, and how you can help.

The word that we don’t often hear when we talk about visibility is the vulnerability that you can feel when you’re becoming more visible in your network – perhaps amongst ex-colleagues, friends and potential partners.

Perhaps you’re afraid of risk to your reputation as you’ve taken a new direction, or the unhelpful thought that by asking people to buy things from you that you’re showing you’re not fully booked, and so have stopped trying to sell your services (a tricky one to unravel, I was only just working on this with a client last week). Perhaps you’re simply not accustomed to transitioning from a “getting to know you chat” to the sales conversation – however, people need to know you exist for these conversations to even begin!

Here are 3 tactics to raise your visibility to create interactions and connections with the right potential clients, and not spend any more time with professional freebie hunters and shiny-object chasers.

Conduct Market Research With Fresh Eyes

When was the last time you asked your audience (even if a small one), what’s going on in their world? What their interests are? What they hope to achieve? Have your services and programs shifted with the needs of your current audience?

Business startup and strategy coach JoJo Husain shares “When you conduct market research you can better serve your clients. It’s kind of like saying you have a best friend and don’t know anything about her. So how can you be a good friend to her? Especially when her birthday comes if you don’t know what she likes? You want to research so you can create better offers, know how to speak your clients' language, create better ads, and connect in a deeper way which makes you stand out”.

Similarly, have you reached out to a new range of ideal clients – either through groups online or your extended network? You can ask your email list if they know anyone that fits a specific profile and offer a real incentive for participating. For example, I’m currently researching for a new program for speakers who want to speak on stage, and I’ve posted on multiple online platforms looking for entrepreneurs and coaches who want:

a) be paid to speak on stage, at in-person events or workshops (as the host or guest speaker)

b) develop the speaking skills, stage presence, style, and confidence to be seen as a leader/expert in their market, and be fully booked!

Their incentive for joining was a discount on the final product.

Psst! A free “discovery” call with you doesn’t always sound like an incentive if they don’t know who you are and what you can do... that’s why it’s important to keep building your visibility and credibility as part of your regular weekly routine.

Online & In-Person Networking

From 15 years in various corporate environments, I’ve learned as an employee you have the opportunity to build a personal brand, and there’s an institutional memory bank that needs to be refreshed and updated from time to time to gain new opportunities – but that’s simply not the case in the entrepreneurial world, as you’re trying to stand out amongst competitors share the value of your service, and become memorable within your network.

Ugh, you were hoping there was some way to avoid talking to people and doing the whole small talk thing? Well, No… If you want to help people, you’re going to have to talk to them. However, the good news is, networking can be done on your terms. There are not many people that enjoy awkward small talk, however, most people will enjoy answering questions that you're genuinely interested in hearing the answer to. Meaning, if you’re interested in what the other person has to say, asking questions and responding genuinely to questions asked of you, you’re just having… a conversation.

If you tend more towards "awkward-preneur" than "flawless communicator", prepare a couple of questions in advance that anyone can answer;

What sort of work do you do? Are you based in (city)? How long have you been doing that for?

When you’ve chatted for a while, you’ll know whether you want to continue to chat (if they sound like your kind of client), or whether you’ll want to move on. If you want to move on, a simple “Great to meet you, hope you enjoy the rest of the event” or “Great to meet you, would you like to stay in touch?” is all that’s needed. If online, you might invite that person to join your online community to stay in touch.

The important element here is that you plan to network every week and actually do it.

Speaking At Events & Creating Video Content

The case for speaking at events and creating video content online is grounded in the same principles: attraction, likability, credibility, positioning, authority and status.

Video is prioritised on all social media platforms and will continue to be. By appearing on your audiences’ feed it allows you to sell without selling and allows people to get to know you (actually repelling those that aren’t a good fit to work 1:1) and cuts the time down to build a connection built through like and trust – you can take a deeper dive into Know, Like & Trust here.

Likewise, standing up in a room and speaking about your area of expertise automatically positions you as a leader and an authority, above those who may have similar credentials however are not willing to stand up.

By building our leadership presence, stepping into our expertise and taking up our little piece of the online or physical space comfortably, we’re inviting more people into our world and helping instead of hiding out.

It’s time to raise your visibility and influence.

If you’d like to work on going “live” more consistently, creating value-focused content more easily for visibility and engagement, work on your storytelling skills and use video to generate sales for your launches, you’re invited to join the Camera Confidence Challenge! 

Over 14 days you’ll learn how to and will create 3 “business essential” videos for connecting with your audience online - Your Brand Story,  Massive Value Videos (tips, training and interviews), and Sales Videos to launch new products and services. You’ll receive personalised feedback on each of your videos, including your strengths and development areas, along with live coaching and Q&A sessions.

We start on the 29thOctober, 2019 and places are limited, due to in-depth feedback each person receives. For more details visit www.howtopresent.com or email bri@howtopresent.com to see if this is a good fit for you.

Oct 24

Your Brand Story Builds Know, Like & Trust

By Briohny Williams | Video

​Know. Like. Trust

How many times have you heard those words uttered since you started your entrepreneurial journey? You may have started saying them as well, to the point that they roll off your tongue like you’ve always been marketing your business online.

A word you may have also encountered is “storytelling”, and now you know how stories are so much more memorable, provide an opportunity to share your journey, express your personality and help you stand out online. 

And you’ve definitely been living under a digital rock if you haven’t heard the digital marketing gurus talk about the power of video. (Don’t worry, if you have been under that rock or just want to know more about the power of video, here are some stats that still blow my mind).

So, you know you need to be visible, you definitely want engagement, and perhaps you’ve even tried launching a product or service but haven’t quite nailed it yet. It’s time to share your story and your entrepreneurial journey in your Brand Story.

People want to buy from people, not faceless or big corporate brands. That means people really need to get to know you, in order to like you in a way that inspires trust. By building your credibility and a relationship, people are more likely to feel safe to buy from you.

Let’s go back to those 3 words again. 


Does your ideal audience even know you exist? Have you been speaking to people who think what you do is interesting, but not essential? 

I was recently discussing this with a client, who found himself feeling annoyed after explaining to a potential client that he had a wealth of marketing knowledge, though this isn’t the focus of his life coaching business. He was feeling misunderstood and undervalued and that the potential client had categorised him as “just another life coach”. After some discussion we realised he had forgotten to share his “back story” with his audience – the first step in telling your Brand Story – all they saw was what he was offering now, which is substantially more valuable with his marketing knowledge backing it up!

Do your audience really know you, and what problem you can solve? The value your product or service holds – whether it be time saved, mental clarity, improved health, massive wealth, or loads of fun or joy? 

''Our customers have questions burning inside them, and if we aren’t answering those questions, they’ll move on to another brand. If we haven’t identified what our customer wants, what problem we are helping them solve, and what life will look like after they engage our products and services, for example, we can forget about thriving in the marketplace.'' - Donald Miller, StoryBrand

Have you shared the story of how your company came to be, what drives you and the real values that are the foundation of everything you do?


Not everyone needs to like you. In fact, you want some people to know that they don’t like you all that much to make room in your calendar for those that do. 

“When you speak to everyone you speak to no-one.” - Meredith Hill

Showing up on video is as close to an in person meeting as you can get for those who are curious about how you can help them, and a brilliant opportunity to engage, delight and (pleasantly) surprise your potential customers and provide massive value to them, without a sales agenda. 

For the majority of people I meet for the first time each week on a video call or in person, one or both of us feel like we’ve met before if we’ve seen a live stream or video prior, and we already have some knowledge of the problem that we can each there to solve. 

We don’t spend all our time reciting our elevator pitch or trying to wow with achievements (which have their place and time, don’t get me wrong), we’re more focused on building relationships. 

Do I like how this person approaches the problem? 
Do we have anything in common? 
Do I feel like they’d do a good job?

That’s why we share what drives us – our “why” – and our values in our Brand Story, with the aim to answer these questions before they are asked.

Which brings us to the final word.


“The key to high-quality communication is trust, and it’s hard to trust someone you don’t know.” – Ben Horowitz

It’s a big leap to expect your customers to part with their hard earned cash, after being persuaded by a bunch of pixels they’ve seen on a screen once. The coldest of cold leads. 

The quality of your communication will improve the response you get, as speaking about your experiences and values comes from a deeper place than when you're talking about a framweork, statistic or the product or service you're offering. 

Trust takes take time and once you have shared your story you need to keep showing up consistently. Whether it’s a weekly blog, attending in-person networking events or using the queen of content – video! - the more your audience know and like you, the more likely you are to build trust and have the opportunity to open up sales conversations.


It’s time to tell your story.

If you haven't yet told your story and you’re an entrepreneur or coach that is already aware of the awesome power of video for marketing, sales and info-products and services, you’re invited to join the Camera Confidence Challenge! 

Over 14 days you’ll learn how to and will create 3 “business essential” videos for connecting with your audience online - Your Brand Story,  Massive Value Videos (tips, training and interviews), and Sales Videos to launch new products and services. You’ll receive personalized feedback on each of your videos, including your strengths and development areas, along with live coaching and Q&A sessions.

We start on the 29thOctober, 2019 and places are limited, due to in-depth feedback each person receives. For more details visit www.howtopresent.com or email bri@howtopresent.com to see if this is a good fit for you.

Jul 26

Networking and The Art of Conversation – Marie-France Samba Speaks Up In Summer!

By Briohny Williams | Coaching

Originally published via Facebook Live: www.facebook.com/howtopresenttraining/

Join Us On How To Present's Facebook Page For Upcoming Speak Up In Summer Events Throughout July, Including Live Interviews And Free Training!

Meet Marie-France Samba, extraordinary entrepreneur, coach and globe-trotter!

Born and bred in Paris, but fascinated by the English language as a child, communication has always been at the centre of her business journey, in the press magazines, the music industry, marketing and communication agencies.

She’s passionate about connecting with ambitious women who are ready to use full their potential and take action to achieve their professional or personal goals now!

Learn the face-to-face connection and networking strategies that have helped Marie-France Samba build her businesses (plural!) with no website, and create genuine business relationships.

Join us to discover:

  • Marie-France's connecting and networking strategies: How to connect and start a conversation at networking events
  • How to build your network with no website

We'll take a behind-the-scenes look at how she's helping talented women unleash their full potential, including getting a book published, conquering the fear of going on stage and scaling up their businesses!

you can check out the full interview here

get to know Marie-france samba

“Stay Passionate!”

Marie-France Samba

Jul 20

How To Launch A Strong Brand – JoJo Husain Speaks Up In Summer!

By Briohny Williams | Coaching

Originally published via Facebook Live: www.facebook.com/howtopresenttraining/

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“If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.” - Thomas Jefferson

Josephine Husain, known as JoJo, took the leap into entrepreneurship as a freelance photographer in 2011 and faced many of the struggles new business owners will be all-too-familiar with. Despite her best efforts to market and sell her (awesome!) service, all she was hearing was crickets!

Even though she was discouraged and ultimately deciding to fold her photography business, the birth of her first child became a defining moment. Her “WHY” suddenly became totally clear.

She took a leap and signed up with a business coach, learning new ways and places to SPEAK UP to build her own brand and successful business. Now a certified coach, JoJo helps female entrepreneurs to create strong brands and marketing strategies that generate consistent leads and income.

Many new entrepreneurs would LOVE to know how to build up their business online – and with a growing community on Facebook, Boss Ladies Making It Happen, her coaching business and an online course – JoJo has the strategies!

JoJo joined me on the How To Present Facebook page to share the ways her business really accelerated when she learned to SPEAK UP about her own brand and business.

And did we mention this former freelance photographer has overcome social anxiety to build her brand and business by going live on Facebook multiple times every week?!

you can check out the full interview here

“I actually got my first two clients because they remembered what I said when I spoke up on social media and they came to me directly...         'I need your help!'”

JoJo Husain

Jul 18

Podcasters Shine A Light On Powerful Stories – The Pop Culture Passionistas Speak Up In Summer!

By Briohny Williams | Podcasts

Originally published via Facebook Live: www.facebook.com/howtopresenttraining/

Join us on How To Present's Facebook page for upcoming Speak Up In Summer events throughout July, including live Interviews and free training!

Pop Culture Passionistas, sisters Amy and Nancy Harrington have been inspired by the #MeToo movement and #TimesUp campaign and decided to use their skills as celebrity interviewers to work to tell a different kind of story. 

Where many podcasters reserve their airtime for the elite, Amy and Nancy are talking to amazing women you probably haven’t heard of, who are making a huge difference by following their passions. 

Amy & Nancy joined me on the How To Present Facebook page to to explain how, and why, they speak up to shine a light on the positive stories of women on The Passionistas Project Podcast.

you can check out the full interview here

get to know the pop culture passionistas, Amy & Nancy Harrington

The #MeToo & #TImesUp Movement

“..Inspired us to create a podcast where we talk about strong, empowered women who are doing what they want(ed) to do, not on anybody else's terms”

Amy Harrington

Jul 15

Social Media Speaking Confidence Training – Speak Up In Summer!

By Briohny Williams | Social Media

Originally published via Facebook Live: www.facebook.com/howtopresenttraining/

Join us on How To Present's Facebook page for upcoming Speak Up In Summer events throughout July! Including live Interviews and free training!

Let me ask you a question... 

Do you keep telling yourself you'll go LIVE this week, and then find ALL the reasons that it could wait? You need just a little more time, preparation, a new opt-in to offer, a new haircut etc!?!

Are you taking FOREVER to make that 2 minute video?

As part of the Speak Up In Summer series, I took a look at 5 practical tactics that will help build your social media speaking confidence.

Building up the confidence and solid communication skills needed to post videos and go live on social media has got A LOT of people stuck! So, let's get you unstuck!

If you want, and need, to boost engagement and make real connections (and find clients!) through social media, at some stage you're going to have to step out from behind the keyboard and share a little to build trust and respect. Your potential clients want to know who you are and what you're all about, as well as your product or service.

Watch the replay of this free mini-training session where I run through the top 5 tactics that are working on social media right now so you can present with ease, clarity and confidence when you make videos and go live, wherever your audience hangs out! 

I'll give you a hint.. it's all in the preparation!

When you're ready to make focused and effective communication a priority in your business, for yourself or your team members, the Build Your Brand Through Public Speaking Program will help you step you through a road-tested process to communicate more confidently, connect with your customers and grow your business! Learn how to join here

“Building up the confidence and solid communication skills needed to post videos and go live on social media has got A LOT of people stuck!

So, let's get you unstuck!”

Bri Williams

How To Present

Jul 08

Facebook Live with Dr. Carey Yazeed: Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs

By Briohny Williams | Social Media

LinkedIn is becoming my new favourite place to make connections, and my recent interview with Dr. Carey Yazeed really does show the the power of speaking up in your business. I was actually looking for guest speakers for my Speak Up In Summer Challenge, and somehow ended up being interviewed myself!

Business strategist & speaker, Dr. Yazeed offers professional development in entrepreneurship and podcasting. 

She’s also the host of Beauty, Brains & Business - a weekly show on Apple Podcast, Spotify and iHeartRadio, as well as the published author of Lipstick, Heels & Hustle: A Woman's Guide To Entrepreneurship. 

We chat about strategies for new and experienced entrepreneurs that want to move out from behind the keyboard and utilise video and live streaming for their business, as well as how different types of feedback can take your skills to the next level.

"Sometimes we’ve got to move from behind our keyboard, and people, they need to 

see you!"

Dr. Carey Yazeed

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