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Jul 26

Networking and The Art of Conversation – Marie-France Samba Speaks Up In Summer!

By Briohny Williams | Coaching

Originally published via Facebook Live: www.facebook.com/howtopresenttraining/

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Meet Marie-France Samba, extraordinary entrepreneur, coach and globe-trotter!

Born and bred in Paris, but fascinated by the English language as a child, communication has always been at the centre of her business journey, in the press magazines, the music industry, marketing and communication agencies.

She’s passionate about connecting with ambitious women who are ready to use full their potential and take action to achieve their professional or personal goals now!

Learn the face-to-face connection and networking strategies that have helped Marie-France Samba build her businesses (plural!) with no website, and create genuine business relationships.

Join us to discover:

  • Marie-France's connecting and networking strategies: How to connect and start a conversation at networking events
  • How to build your network with no website

We'll take a behind-the-scenes look at how she's helping talented women unleash their full potential, including getting a book published, conquering the fear of going on stage and scaling up their businesses!

you can check out the full interview here

get to know Marie-france samba

“Stay Passionate!”

Marie-France Samba

Jul 20

How To Launch A Strong Brand – JoJo Husain Speaks Up In Summer!

By Briohny Williams | Coaching

Originally published via Facebook Live: www.facebook.com/howtopresenttraining/

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“If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.” - Thomas Jefferson

Josephine Husain, known as JoJo, took the leap into entrepreneurship as a freelance photographer in 2011 and faced many of the struggles new business owners will be all-too-familiar with. Despite her best efforts to market and sell her (awesome!) service, all she was hearing was crickets!

Even though she was discouraged and ultimately deciding to fold her photography business, the birth of her first child became a defining moment. Her “WHY” suddenly became totally clear.

She took a leap and signed up with a business coach, learning new ways and places to SPEAK UP to build her own brand and successful business. Now a certified coach, JoJo helps female entrepreneurs to create strong brands and marketing strategies that generate consistent leads and income.

Many new entrepreneurs would LOVE to know how to build up their business online – and with a growing community on Facebook, Boss Ladies Making It Happen, her coaching business and an online course – JoJo has the strategies!

JoJo joined me on the How To Present Facebook page to share the ways her business really accelerated when she learned to SPEAK UP about her own brand and business.

And did we mention this former freelance photographer has overcome social anxiety to build her brand and business by going live on Facebook multiple times every week?!

you can check out the full interview here

“I actually got my first two clients because they remembered what I said when I spoke up on social media and they came to me directly...         'I need your help!'”

JoJo Husain

Jul 18

Podcasters Shine A Light On Powerful Stories – The Pop Culture Passionistas Speak Up In Summer!

By Briohny Williams | Podcasts

Originally published via Facebook Live: www.facebook.com/howtopresenttraining/

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Pop Culture Passionistas, sisters Amy and Nancy Harrington have been inspired by the #MeToo movement and #TimesUp campaign and decided to use their skills as celebrity interviewers to work to tell a different kind of story. 

Where many podcasters reserve their airtime for the elite, Amy and Nancy are talking to amazing women you probably haven’t heard of, who are making a huge difference by following their passions. 

Amy & Nancy joined me on the How To Present Facebook page to to explain how, and why, they speak up to shine a light on the positive stories of women on The Passionistas Project Podcast.

you can check out the full interview here

get to know the pop culture passionistas, Amy & Nancy Harrington

The #MeToo & #TImesUp Movement

“..Inspired us to create a podcast where we talk about strong, empowered women who are doing what they want(ed) to do, not on anybody else's terms”

Amy Harrington

Jul 15

Social Media Speaking Confidence Training – Speak Up In Summer!

By Briohny Williams | Social Media

Originally published via Facebook Live: www.facebook.com/howtopresenttraining/

Join us on How To Present's Facebook page for upcoming Speak Up In Summer events throughout July! Including live Interviews and free training!

Let me ask you a question... 

Do you keep telling yourself you'll go LIVE this week, and then find ALL the reasons that it could wait? You need just a little more time, preparation, a new opt-in to offer, a new haircut etc!?!

Are you taking FOREVER to make that 2 minute video?

As part of the Speak Up In Summer series, I took a look at 5 practical tactics that will help build your social media speaking confidence.

Building up the confidence and solid communication skills needed to post videos and go live on social media has got A LOT of people stuck! So, let's get you unstuck!

If you want, and need, to boost engagement and make real connections (and find clients!) through social media, at some stage you're going to have to step out from behind the keyboard and share a little to build trust and respect. Your potential clients want to know who you are and what you're all about, as well as your product or service.

Watch the replay of this free mini-training session where I run through the top 5 tactics that are working on social media right now so you can present with ease, clarity and confidence when you make videos and go live, wherever your audience hangs out! 

I'll give you a hint.. it's all in the preparation!

When you're ready to make focused and effective communication a priority in your business, for yourself or your team members, the Build Your Brand Through Public Speaking Program will help you step you through a road-tested process to communicate more confidently, connect with your customers and grow your business! Learn how to join here

“Building up the confidence and solid communication skills needed to post videos and go live on social media has got A LOT of people stuck!

So, let's get you unstuck!”

Bri Williams

How To Present

Jul 08

Facebook Live with Dr. Carey Yazeed: Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs

By Briohny Williams | Social Media

LinkedIn is becoming my new favourite place to make connections, and my recent interview with Dr. Carey Yazeed really does show the the power of speaking up in your business. I was actually looking for guest speakers for my Speak Up In Summer Challenge, and somehow ended up being interviewed myself!

Business strategist & speaker, Dr. Yazeed offers professional development in entrepreneurship and podcasting. 

She’s also the host of Beauty, Brains & Business - a weekly show on Apple Podcast, Spotify and iHeartRadio, as well as the published author of Lipstick, Heels & Hustle: A Woman's Guide To Entrepreneurship. 

We chat about strategies for new and experienced entrepreneurs that want to move out from behind the keyboard and utilise video and live streaming for their business, as well as how different types of feedback can take your skills to the next level.

"Sometimes we’ve got to move from behind our keyboard, and people, they need to 

see you!"

Dr. Carey Yazeed

Jun 21

Speaker Style: Jim Kwik, The Brainiac

By Briohny Williams | Speaker Style

Today's Speaker Style is Jim Kwik's 10 Steps To Improve Your Memory

We're not all born with the ability to jump up on stage or hold the whole rooms' attention with a story, however we all have the ability to learn how to be great at public speaking.

The people that capture our hearts and minds have all spent time on their public speaking skills, strengthening over time with practice and good habits.

You can do that too by watching other speakers to see what you like, what you don't, and think about how you could use what you like to develop your own personal style.

Speaker Style: The Brainiac

Jim Kwik is the world's leading brain and memory coach, and CEO & Founder of Kwik Learning. He's also great speaker to listen to when your brain needs a boost, becuse “If knowledge is power, learning is a superpower”, and he really can teach us a lot!


"I was known as the “boy with the broken brain. ” A childhood head injury at age five left me struggling in school. For a while, I even believed I could never be as good as other kids when it came to learning.

I was slow and barely survived school, but never stopped hoping for better. I often talk about “superhero brains” and “superpowers” when I’m referring to life-long learners and learning. It’s not just because I’m a geek, though....

...I discovered that, no matter the circumstances, we can rebuild our brains. And after working on myself, I realized my brain was not broken…it just needed a better owner’s manual. This shattered my own limiting beliefs – and over time, it became my passion to help others do the same."

Read more at JimKwik.com

Quotable Quote

The most enjoyable part about listening to Jim Kwik is that you can see that he lives what he teaches. He has so many sound bytes that once you listen to a few of his videos or podcasts you realise why he is so effective; simple rhymes, alliteration and emphasis on key concepts make his talks rich and massively informative. In relation to this topic, boosting your memory capacity, he says;

"Information alone is not memorable. Information combined with emotion becomes a long-term memory" - Jim Kwik

What To Watch For

  • So many quotes! "Don't rehearse your fears, rehearse for your successes", "What you eat matters, especially for your grey matter", "Where your focus goes your energy flows". Jim is a very deliberate speaker; every message is so carefully crafted to make it memorable.
  • It's interactive. It would be very easy to make this a dry, academic talk. Instead, he makes the topic relatable, and gets you doing what he's doing - showing you as well as telling you what he knows. So much more fun than simply listening. How many of the top 10 can you remember?
  • It's motivational - watch this and tell me you don't want to change at least one of your thoughts or behaviours. Not many speakers can move their audience to action!
  • The memorization technique he talks about at 11:05 in the video - specifically for remembering key points in a speech! 

What other speakers really get you fired up to take action? Are there other experts out there that have a great way of simplifying complex topics?

If you've got a talk you love, pop it in the comments below!

Jun 07

20 Video Ideas To Add Value & Boost Your Online Presence

By Briohny Williams | Creating Videos

It's tough constantly coming up with new ideas for content when you're posting on a daily or weekly basis in your business. It can be even harder when to think of content that you can record and share with your audience.

Here are 20 ideas for content that you can create quickly and share widely. Let us know in the comments below what other topics you'd share!

  1. 1
    All About You – a spoken version of your CV/resume highlights, this is content you probably already have on your website, so start there and freshen up it! It's a chance to show your personality, credentials, and storytelling skills.
  2. 2
    How your company started – has your company got an interesting past?
  3. 3
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – do you get asked the same questions about your services or products ALL the time? Pop the 5 – 10 most popular requests in a video, as well as a link where they can get more support for any other questions. 
  4. 4
    Start Here – if a customer is completely new to your business, where should they get started? Think about how your customers typically find you, and where you want their journey with you to start
  5. 5
    Behind the scenes – what’s cooking?! Let the audience see behind the scenes of your latest video, project, workshop, etc.
  1. 6
    Introduction to your social media page – who is your page for, what they can expect from you, available resources and how to contact you.
  2. 7
    Welcome to your social media group – similar to the social media page intro, plus posting schedule, group rules and opportunities, upcoming challenges. 
  3. 8
    Reviews – books, videos, apps, services, experiences – have you seen something that your customers might be interested in? Let them know what you thought of it and where they can access. Could include affiliate links also, as long as you’re upfront about it and are not masking a paid promotion as a review.
  4. 9
    Tools – your tools of the trade could be interesting and useful to others. How to organize your notes and projects, through to hardware and paid services that you recommend. Could also include affiliate links.
  5. 10
    Summarize your blog post – help your audience catch up on the latest news and save them time. Add the link to the blog under the video so they can also read for more information.
  1. 11
    Your freebies – share your free resources with your audience, remembering to come from the WIIFM mindset (what’s in it for me?) – your audience want to know how it’s going to help them, e.g. save time, reduce mistakes, boost confidence and more.
  2. 12
    Tell a story – Describe a transformation, a funny event, process, new understanding or just entertain! Describe going from point A to point B, with all the juicy details in between. Could also include a call to action.
  3. 13
    Your latest offer – including customer benefits (as opposed to features), what’s included, the transformation, and a call to action.
  4. 14
    Teach – If your business includes facilitation or coaching, share a useful model, process, or self-assessment that is thought and conversation provoking.
  5. 15
    Interview – bring in an expert or a complementary business to bring even more value to your audience. This is sometimes an easier format for those new to video, as you share the "load" in terms of speaking. It can also be harder if your interviewee takes over! Discuss your video plan in advance, including how long you want the video to run, and the couple of topics you will focus on, or the exact questions you will ask them.
  1. 16
    Sales page – add a video to your existing landing page, shown to increase conversions.
  2. 17
    Address objections / re-energize – Send mailing list subscribers more and/or different information about your product or service to address any concerns they may have.
  3. 18
    Thank you page – it’s nice to say a personal thanks! Especially difficult if your business doesn’t have a physical presence, showing up can help build ongoing relationships. 
  4. 19
    Client testimonial – either with you telling the story, or your client if you can convince them to go on camera!
  5. 20
    Inspirational & Motivational – we all need a little of both sometimes! Share a story or quote that has helped you and put some positive vibes out there!

You don't need to tackle all of these! Depending on where you are in your business journey, different videos will make more sense for where you're up to. If you're brand new to business, it pays to get very clear on who you are and what your brand is all about.

Join us in the Presentations To Profit virtual workshop and get absolutely clear on your message so you really connect with your ideal audience when it counts!

May 31

Getting To The Point Is Profitable

By Briohny Williams | Video

Why your brand needs clear messages in your video & 3 simple steps Before You press record

A Moment To Make An Impression

If you’re making videos for your business it's important you know; you have less than 10 seconds to get to the point.

You've actually got closer to 3 seconds to deliver the perfect hook and engage your audience and if you’ve caught your audience’s attention they may continue to watch a few seconds more. If you start to deliver on the promise of your hook, then maybe they’ll stay minutes instead of seconds. Tough gig, huh?!

Our brain loves video as it combines movement and noise, and it's the visual and auditory stimulation that makes video a much more memorable experience. We can include text, images, links, animation and more, making video a superfood on the marketing menu. 

The statistics are pretty clear. Video is, by far, the most engaging content on the internet in 2019 and consumption of mobile video volume continues to increase by 100% every year. According to Cisco, video now accounts for about 80% of all consumer internet traffic. 

Stop and think about those numbers for a moment. 

Then take another moment to think about where you are spending your energy in your business. Chances are you are spending time and money on marketing, yet many people shy away from creating video. Is there an opportunity for your business that you haven’t taken yet?

Scroll through your feed on Facebook and take in just how many videos are posted within your immediate network alone. Globally, 100 million hours are spent on Facebook each day.

LinkedIn has fantastic engagement rates; video created within LinkedIn (“native video”) is five times more likely than other content to start a conversation among LinkedIn members. 

Further proof of the popularity of video, Instagram launched IGTV in 2018 as a competitor to You Tube, that now allows for longer form videos. Businesses are jumping on this opportunity whilst (for now) there are no ads to break up the viewing experience.  

We also watch an unbelievable 1 billion hours of YouTube videos per day! Whilst this might seem the obvious place to start sharing your videos, this brings us to an important point; where do your audience hang out?

And I hear you say, "Yes Bri, this all sounds very impressive and a great opportunity, but… 

...I just don’t want to be seen on video!" The worry of what to say, freezing up or the sheer cringe-factor of seeing ourselves on film can be a powerful persuader to keep things exactly as they are.

I get it. No-one wants to look like a fool. Even some great Hollywood actors can’t bear to watch themselves on screen, you’re not alone!

However, you're likely reading this article because you've been meaning to start doing videos, and with more and more people creating this content, how do you make sure that your videos will stand out for the RIGHT reasons?

Having a simple strategy around video can take some of the fear out of the process, so you can start to maximize the greatest asset in your business, which is of course, YOU.

3 Simple Steps That Anyone Can Take Today

Your communication skills and body language are going to be in the spotlight, so it’s important to focus on what your audience care about, what you will say and how you will say it.  

The good news? Working on your communication skills will never be a bad investment. Videos aside, you can use these skills far and wide in your business for both verbal and written communications. 

Reduce overwhelm and make progress more quickly by following the below 3 steps:

  1. 1
    Any of the internet sensations that live-stream or post pre-recorded videos are having you on if they say "I just thought I'd pop on here quickly to tell you about...". These videos are planned, if not scripted, and they always include key information to hook your attention at the beginning and include a call to action at the end. Watch enough of these videos and you start to see the patterns (it's kind of like being in the Matrix). You need to know exactly what your key points are and how you want to talk about them - remember what you write and how you say things out loud are very different. You can use The Ultimate Video Message Planner to get organised (more below).
  2. 2
    Rehearse Get the nerves out of the way, with all the out-takes done in the comfort of your office with no risk of your audience seeing you work on getting it right. That said, the audience dont' mind if you show who you are, and definitely love to see your personality, and how you deal when things don't go perfectly. Pro tip: things will not always run perfectly, so plan for it! What would you say if the technology failed, there was a loud noise in the background, or for those working from home... remember the BBC interview guy (below)?
  3. 3
    Seek Feedback The first step is to watch yourself back on video. You can learn a lot if you can look at yourself objectively (which is, admittedly, quite difficult). Then, ask a small group of trusted truth-tellers, not family or friends that you know will just tell you you're wonderful, to tell you 1 thing you can do to improve. Finally, ask the public, and listen as objectively as you can - they are all your potential audience, after all.

Whether you've dabbled or a brand newbie, the message about video is clear - it's truly effective and it's here to stay. Post something short and focused on solving a problem for your audience where they like to hang out, and if your nerves are getting the best of you, think of the people you could be helping by sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Help your audience out - don't hide from them!

If you have been meaning to start making videos for a long time now and either through not enough time, fear of public speaking or not knowing where to start, you've held back from creating content, subscribers can now access our free checklist, The Ultimate Video Message Planner

This free checklist will help build trust and relationships with your audience, and help you discover the essential content for live or recorded videos, how to improve each time you rehearse, and get those videos made!

Would some feedback be useful?

Book some time in to discuss your speaking goals today.

May 25

A Simple Mindfulness Practice To Banish Anxiety Before and During Public Speaking

By Briohny Williams | Confidence

Let’s take a moment to picture this.

You’ve been asked to make a speech at work, and you have a day to prepare. Just a 15 minute update, they say... You know the content well; however, you just can’t seem to get your thoughts straight about how to start or what content to cover, and your stomach is already knotting up. Maybe you’ll just call in sick... forever.

For you, the setting might be different or perhaps the amount of time you have to prepare, however the reality remains the same - speaking in public is up there amongst people’s worst fears. The thought alone, let alone the presentation itself, causes us to revert to classic fight or flight behavior and feel incredibly anxious and exposed. Often unconsciously we fear being rejected either for our ideas, or as a person.

To counter-balance these fears we can use mindfulness as an invaluable tool for dealing with the intense scrutiny we feel when we’re in the spotlight. 

Public speaking is a dialogue, a two-way communication between yourself and the audience. In the midst of negative self-talk and self-doubt, we interrupt this interaction with the audience by turning our thoughts inwards, disengaging from the audience, which in turn makes us perform worse. Talk about brain sabotage! 

Try this simple mindfulness practice and take back control! 

Prepare your content and do a full rehearsal.
If you’re feeling anxious you may find a rehearsal stressful and try to avoid it altogether, however underpreparing is likely to make things worse, not better! Run through the entire presentation, with particular focus on the first 3 lines of your introduction and conclusion, as most people are relatively comfortable with “the middle”. Record yourself on video to watch back and remember you will likely be a much worse critic than your audience. 

Make real contact with your audience.
Look them in the eyes, know that they want you to do well, and if anxious thoughts start to surface remind yourself that you have been asked to speak because you have the knowledge to do so. Every presentation is a real opportunity to share ideas, get people inspired and get things done. If you’re not aiming for one of these objectives, just print the slides and hand them over to the audience to read!

Start with confidence.
Use a firm and confident voice that even the back row can hear. Start strong with the first 3 lines (that you have rehearsed to a comfortable, natural delivery) and keep your energy levels high throughout. Look for positive energy in the crowd, a colleague smiling or nodding their head in agreement. 

Learn to go with the flow.
Technology can fail, someone could drop coffee on your notes, or you have a head cold on the day. None of these factors can actually stop you connecting with the audience and delivering your message. Preparation is so important to achieve this level of calm and confidence when it’s all going wrong around you. If you thought you could skip the first step, time to reconsider!

And Breathe…. 

Essential for life and public speaking! Practice deep breathing before you begin your presentation to calm your mind and nervous system and remember to build in plenty of pauses in your presentation. This allow time for your audience to absorb your messages and will also limit the chance of breathlessness that can cue an anxious response. 

Now picture this..

  • The next time you’re approached to prepare a presentation for work/school/the local swim club you feel a little anxious, as you want to do a great job. 
  • You know where to start this time as you asked a couple of clarifying questions to get to the objective of the presentation, and you feel confident to prepare good content. 
  • Once you’ve drafted the presentation you set about rehearsing and refining until you’re happy with the content and delivery. You hate seeing yourself on video, however you can see that you’ve improved each time you’ve rehearsed and you’re finishing within the time that you’ve been given on the agenda.
  • On the day, you feel some of the old reactions in your body and remind yourself that people want to see you do well and you have the knowledge to deliver on this topic.
  • Because you have a more relaxed mindset when you begin, you remember your opening lines and get a laugh from the audience. Thankfully, the joke was planned!

It may be incredibly hard to imagine a day when this could be you.

The anxiety around public speaking is real, however if you want (or need) to make presentations, speeches, pitches, do fundraising or promote your business, new ways of thinking and a few new practices could be the change your brain is looking for.

Would some feedback be useful?

Book some time in to discuss your speaking goals today.

Apr 24

Speaker Style: Brené Brown, The Storytelling Introvert

By Briohny Williams | Speaker Style

Today's Speaker Style is Brene Brown's The Call to Courage Netflix Original

Brene Brown's The Call To Courage is available on Netflix. Click image to access

We're not all born with the ability to jump up on stage or hold the whole rooms' attention with a story, however we all have the ability to learn how to be great at public speaking.

The people that capture our hearts and minds have all spent time on their public speaking skills, strengthening over time with practice and good habits.

You can do that too by watching other speakers to see what you like, what you don't, and think about how you could use what you like to develop your own personal style.

Speaker Style

The Storytelling Introvert

It's just like a chat with your best pal, with plenty of sweary bits (Brene loves an f-bomb) and loads of laugh-out-loud, relatable stories. As a self-proclaimed introvert, she may find it easier to stand up to a crowd like that than attend the promotional events that accompany the release of the documentary, however the focus here is on the story she wants to share. You know there is an ocean of knowledge backing up the opinions delivered in her credible and comfortable style.  The persuasive examples she uses to demonstrate her studies into shame and vulnerability will make you laugh and cry. Her studies illustrate that these are powerful topics for many people, and to quote Brene "Maybe stories are just data with a soul". 


The official line: I’m a research professor at the University of Houston where I hold the Huffington – Brené Brown Endowed Chair. I’ve spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. I’m the author of five #1 New York Times bestsellers: The Gifts of ImperfectionDaring GreatlyRising StrongBraving the Wilderness, and Dare to Lead. Read more at BreneBrown.com

Quotable Quote

Brene herself has loads of her own quotable quotes, however the most powerful moment is when she recalls the turning point after her initial 2010 TEDx Houston talk, The Power of Vulnerabilitywas shared to the world, followed by the intense shame and embarrassment she felt after reading negative comments about her weight and appearance. She needed a Teddy Roosevelt quote to turn her perspective around.

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming." — Theodore Roosevelt, 1910

What To Watch For

  • The Roosevelt quote uses perfect pauses for emphasis and builds feeling
  • It's a storytelling masterclass. Every key point is illustrated with a story to show us not only what she found in her studies, but she powerfully shows how her points relate to us all.  Writing notes, holding hands, tears.. the audience were absolutely HOOKED.
  • The language she uses. She's very relaxed using relatable, everyday language. Some people may be turned off by the swearing, however it serves to reinforce that this is a talk for everyone (of a sweary age). 
  • Her energy management. It's a long talk and she's just as passionate, interested and engaged at the end as she is in the beginning of the talk. 

Netflix have made accessing thought provoking documentaries as easy as can be. There's a huge range of nonfiction available to get those synapses firing!

If you've got a talk you love, pop it in the comments below!

Want to work on your Storytelling skills?

Book some time in to discuss your speaking goals today.