Hi, I'm Bri

Public Speaking Instructor, Coach

Bri Williams

is a communication expert, instructor, coach and the founder of How To Present.

Her insights and unique and engaging style of delivery have been helping subject matter experts, educators and entrepreneurs gain confidenceclarify their message and present with ease for the past 15 years.

With her therapeutic background, extensive cross-industry instructor experience and knowledge of the complexities of communication within business, Bri is here to help you define your goals, guide you through practical action steps and help you deliver great presentations!

Clear communication is vitally important for everyone.

There have never been more communication pathways - we can post, tweet, message, share stories, go 'live' and more

However, many people are withdrawing from face-to-face communication and losing essential social skills that are still absolutely necessary in schools, job interviews, friendship, networking and having meaningful interactions in the world. 

How To Present was founded to help you work from the inside to out, to transform fear into focussed energy and help you be your most effective self when you are communicating.

Public speaking is more than just presenting a talk, these are skills that anyone can use anywhere to make real connections.

Through a tailor-made combination of one-to-one coaching, online learning and virtual rehearsals, transform your public speaking and make it one of your super-powers! 

Are you ready to make REAL improvements in your public speaking?

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